BIO LESSON 3: Genetics


To wrap up units 1-3, we will create a summative document explaining & illustrating what you’ve learned. Full instructions are here.

INSTRUCTIONAL GOALS: When we finish this lesson, you should be able to…

  • Explain the mechanism of reproduction and heredity that ensure children look (more) like their parents.
  • Differentiate between DNA, genes, traits, proteins, and chromosomes when talking about the cellular basis of heredity.
  • Contrast the phenotype (traits) of an organism with its genotype (genes), and explain how evolution acts on traits, while heredity passes on genes.
  • Analyze the inheritance of recessive alleles, illustrating with specific examples.
  • Connect genetics and evolution together to tell an evolutionary story with modern tools & examples.

* * *

RESOURCES & LINKS: Our primary resources during this unit include…


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