GEO LESSON 3: Circles & Their Mysterious Ways

Find all assignments, handouts, & resources for lesson 3 on the Lesson 3 Google Document.

INSTRUCTIONAL GOALS: Students should show they know or learn how to…

  • Describe circles & their features with appropriate, precise vocabulary.
  • Relate circumference, arc measure, and arc length & get one from the other.
  • Find the area of a circle or a circle sector.
  • Solve complex area problems involving circles

* * *

RESOURCES & LINKS: For help or guidance, students may refer to:

  • The Art of Problem Solving Geometry textbook is our main text for this segment. Explanations of all problems are available in Chapter 11 of the physical book. You may also try the following videos from the AOPS website:
  • MEP Textbook – Our secondary text has a short section on circle area & circumference; Section 7.7 lays out some simple equations and problems.
  • The Math is Fun website offers illustrated explanations, equations, and sample problems (with answers!) for these topics:

* * *

DAILY LOG: Look here for updates on every assignment you should complete each day.

MON 6.20.2016

  • Warm Up: Circle Vocabulary
  • Classwork: Section 11.1 Circle Problems
  • Cool Down: Problem Journal Day 5

TUES 6.21.2016

  • Warm Up: ??
  • Classwork: Section 11.2 Circle Problems
  • Cool Down: Problem Journal Day 6

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