GEO LESSON 2: Polygons & Polyhedra

Find all assignments, handouts, & resources for lesson 2 on the Lesson 2 Google Document.

INSTRUCTIONAL GOALS: Students should show they know or learn how to…

  • Calculate the interior & exterior angles of a regular polygon
  • Use angle measurements to determine which regular polygons tessellate
  • Show the lines of symmetry in a 3D shape
  • Find the order of rotational symmetry of a 3D shape around each axis
  • Use compass directions to find bearings of points in the 2D plane

* * *

RESOURCES & LINKS: For help or guidance, students may refer to:

  • The MEP chapter 3 on Angle Geometry is the textbook guiding our course. Relevant example problems and definitions are found in the following sections:
    • Section 3.5: Angle Symmetry in Polygons
    • Section 3.6: Symmetry Properties of 3D Shapes
    • Section 3.7: Compass Bearings
  • The Art of Problem Solving videos offer worked examples on:

* * *

DAILY LOG: Look here for updates on every assignment you should complete each day.

WED 6.15.2016 :

  • Warm Up: Angles in Polygons
    –> You found a formula for each interior angle in a regular polygon.
  • Classwork: Section 3.1 Problems 9-14 + Extended Polyhedron Problems
    –> You worked on problems in 2D and 3D with angles, symmetric, and face/edge/vertices
  • Cool Down: Problem Journal Day 3
    –> You wrote about a favorite problem from the day!

FRI 6.15.2016 :

  • Warm Up: Euler’s Characteristic
    –> You found a pattern known as Euler’s Formula!
  • Classwork: Geometry & Topology Introduction
    –> You expanded Euler’s Formula to other shapes, particularly those with holes.
  • Cool Down: Problem Journal Day 4
    –> You wrote about a favorite problem from the day!

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