GEO LESSON 1 : Angles & More

Find all assignments, handouts, & resources for lesson 1 on the google document.

INSTRUCTIONAL GOALS: Students should show they know or learn how to…

  • Count the number of lines of symmetry in a figure.
  • Determine the order of rotational symmetry of a figure
  • Find the missing angle in a triangle (using the Triangle Sum = 180o Theorem)
  • Find the second angle in a linear pair (knowing the two angles sum to 180o)
  • Classify a quadrilateral based on its properties
  • Tessellate a shape on a grid
  • Use relationships in parallel lines to determine missing angles

* * *

RESOURCES & LINKS: For help or guidance, students may refer to:

* * *

DAILY LOG: Look here for updates on each assignment you will complete.

MON 6.13.2016 :

  • Warm Up: WODB? Angles
    You worked together to come up with reasons why an angle didn’t belong. We used vocabulary to classify acute, right, obtuse, straight, and reflex angles. Excellent work developing a reason for each and every angle!
  • Classwork: Section 3.1 Problems #1 – 8
    You reviewed angle-chasing problems in triangles and parallel lines, and learned new ideas about rotational symmetry and tessellation. You agreed right away on most answers, and worked together to discuss and prove the tricky angle in problem 5.
  • Cool Down: Problem Journal Day 1
    Jacob chose to record a new problem about finding the order of rotational symmetry of a shape, while Benoit elected to write about remembering how to use triangles to find mission angles.

TUE 6.14.2016 :

  • Warm Up: Beastly Symmetry
    Today, you reviewed reflection and rotation symmetry!
  • Classwork: Advanced Angle Chasing
    Building on the basic skills from Monday, you tackled some extra challenging problems that required you to put all your different angle theorems together. Benoit figured out the answer for a tricky problem with almost no labeled angles. Jacob turned a guess-and-check into an algebra strategy for easy solving.
  • Cool Down: Problem Journal Day 2
    We rushed a bit to jot this down, but each of you recorded some notes about the day!



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