Patient 2 – Swati – CASE FILE


Day 1 – Introduction (1/4)

Information from day 1 can be found here.
Intro HW questions can be found here. (Due Thurs 1/7 or Fri 1/8)

The diagnostic team has a three-fold plan for the patient:

  • Trying to convince the patient to get treatment
    • Talk to available family members
    • Switch the attending physician
    • Have a therapist talk to the patient and assess her mental state
    • Offer anxiety medication to the patient
  • Take an extended patient history
    • Family health history
    • Patient health history
    • History of drug use
    • Diet details
    • Full description of nausea symptoms
  • Work with the data we have
    • Retest patient blood for type, viruses, bacteria, dehydration
    • Retest donor blood for type, viruses, bacteria
    • Ask patient if she would give a urine sample (noninvasive!)
    • Covertly collect a saliva sample

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