Frosh Sci: Week of 1/4

Lesson Description:

Welcome back to school everyone! We got off to a great start in science today with a New Year’s Self-reflection. Then for our classwork began a more challenging case about Swati, who was suffering from many symptoms. Lastly we had no cool-down. We only continued our day. Our homework was to answer questions about Swati. It is due on Thursday 1/7.
On Tuesday we continued Unit 3: Bio-machines. Our Warmup was to go over a blood type intro together. Our classwork was a extremely interesting blood type lab. We did not work with actual blood. Lastly our cool-down was to work on homework which is due on Thursday 1/7, questions about Swati.
On Thursday we started off with heart anatomy. For our classwork we went over new information on our patient. We also came up with many new ideas on what was wrong with her. Lastly our cool-down was to work on our homework which is a collaborative of collaborative blood notes. It is due on Tuesday 1/12

Assigned Role


Google Drive

Google Docs

School Email

Info On Swati

Questions About Swati

1/12 Homework



This will be updated throughout the week, keep in check with it.



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