Frosh Sci: Week of 12/7

Lesson Description:

On Monday, we read over An Introduction to Diagnostics for Warm Up. The part we read included pathogens that invade the body, inherited genetic conditions, the loss of normal regulatory control mechanisms, degenerative changes, trauma, toxins, environmental hazards, and nutritional factors. Once again for Classwork we did more role research. We did not have cool down. Our role research is due Tuesday 12/8

On Tuesday, our warmup was telling someone next to us about out specialty, we proceeded to take down three things that we would ask them. Next for classwork we reviewed a case about Patient 1, Angelo, his symptoms are becoming lethargic, having trouble eating, and having rigid limbs. His seizures have stopped and he is in stable condition. He is 7 days old and 2 years ago his brother died at 9 days old because of inability to thrive. Other info will be added next class. For our cool down we created a case file in a google drive document. Our homework is to answer questions on this document. For more info on Angelo go here.

[On Thursday, our warmup was to decide whether Angelo’s disorder was cause by genetics, dysregulation, pathogens, nutrition, degeneration, or environment. We suspect that it is genetic, but also are looking into  dysregulation and nutrition as causes. For classwork, we looked at the results of our tests and developed a possible diagnosis. For our cool down we did brag sheets. Our homework is to answer the genetics questions on this document. ]


Assigned Role


Google Drive

Google Docs

School Email

Information on Angelo


12/7-12/8: Role research due Tuesday 12/8

12/8-12/10: Answer Questions about Angelo

12/10-12/14: Answer Genetics Questions about Angelo

This will be updated throughout the week, keep in check with it.




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